The School Log Books Project

The idea of using the School Logbooks (SLBs) as the main source for a FACHRS project came from Chairman Don Dickson. The SLBs were to be investigated in order to cast light on family and community history from their origins in 1862. SLBs, as their name suggests ,were supposed to be completed, on a regular basis, by the headmaster or senior teacher at all schools in receipt of public funds. Although entries were supposed to deal only with purely educational matters (they were examined annually by School Inspectors), they often contained much relating to local matters such as occupational variations, industrial affairs, health, poverty, weather, local customs, social hierarchies etc. Don Dickson gave an introduction to interested members of FACHRS and designed an Access database to facilitate the collection and analysis of data from the SLBs. It is hoped that the findings of some of the members of FACHRS who took part in the project will be published shortly.