The Schoolmistresses Mini-Project

Following on from the very successful Station Masters Project of 2012 the 2013 School Mistresses Project was developed using a similar format and met with a very good response from FACHRS members. The outcomes of this project have been:

A number of articles for the Newsletter on very different school mistresses and their lives including the winner of the Paul Newton Taylor Prize 2014 "Ellen Fowler - A Scottish School Mistress" by David Rendell (FACH Newsletter Volume 15 Issue 1 February 2014)

A number of members have gone on to give talks and have used the School Mistress information as the basis for further research in related topics including teacher training colleges.

The information received on each school mistress has been converted to the pdf format and will be available in the membersí pages of the FAC HRS website soon. There will also be an index so that information on individual school mistresses can be located. Much of this research is in a narrative form and so makes interesting reading as well as good material for anyone wishing to use it as the basis for further research.

A database has been created and data has been input from each School Mistress researched. The results will be analysed with regard to the key questions of the School Mistress 1851-1911 project. The key questions were: changes within their social status, training received for the role, the provision of school residential accommodation, the effect of marriage, career progression and migration.

Brita Wood School Mistresses Mini Project Co-ordinator January 2015