Rob White

I have been a family historian for some forty years, and in 1990 I was instrumental in founding a small local history society (the Gloucester Street History Group) in Winchcombe, Gloucs, which is where my wife's forebears hailed from over 100 years ago.
I took the DA301 OU course (Studying Family & Community History) as a one-off module in 1997 and the following year I was a founder member of FACHRS. After taking early retirement I gained a Masters Research degree in Local History at the University of Gloucestershire in 2009, my thesis being about local government in late 18th and early 19th century Winchcombe. By then I had let my FACHRS membership lapse but I re-joined in 2012, lured back by the Schoolmistresses Log Books mini-project. I have since been actively involved in the Census Enumerators mini-project.