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"Breaking New Ground" Edited by J Cooper and J Burchardt. With fifteen chapters, this 272 page book is published by FACHRS. Based on a nationwide research project, Breaking New Ground examines the importance of allotments in UK History.
Price includes a CD ROM containing the results of the findings in both database and spreadsheet format.

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"Swing Unmasked" 312 pages book published by FACHRS about the Captain Swing Riots (1830-1832). Now includes the "Swing CD ROM" With some 3,521 documented names of people associated with the reports of Swing protest incidents, this is a valuable resource for local and family historians.

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"The British Almshouse: New perspectives on philanthropy ca 1400-1914." Edited by Nigel Goose, Helen Caffrey and Anne Langley.

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"'The British Almshouse: RootsTech Secial Offer"

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"SCHOOL and COMMUNITY: Family and community history through the prism of school logbooks"

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"THE HOME FRONT 1914-15 Volume 1: Care Comfort and Support, by Gill Clark"

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"THE HOME FRONT 1914-15 Volume 2: Industry, Agriculture, Food & Rationing by Christine Seal "

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"THE HOME FRONT 1914-15 Volume 3: Recruitment & Volunteers by "

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"THE HOME FRONT 1914-15 Volume 1 to 3 "

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"Dictionary of Occupational Terms - based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921CD"

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